The signs are made. The items are tagged. We’ve been creating, collecting and gathering for a year now. It’s time to release them into the wild! We’ll be gathered outside tomorrow at 1:30pm. Please share the PDF Releases to any group in Lynn you think should know.



A few things to remember

  • Dress for the weather
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Leave valuables at home

I’m looking forward to our day tomorrow. I’ll see you there!







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  1. I stumbled across thus project 2 weeks ago while looking for beginner knit groups. I was hoping to help today but have appliance problems to tend to. I have 4 dollar store hats and a stash of yarn to donate for next year s start and I will attempt to knit some scarfs. I am acquainted with Kelly B from J+J and recognize the names of Miclelle and Ann from fb Rappie Pie rules. I look forward to helping next year
    Elaine Bonneau

    1. Hello Elaine,

      I recognize all those names. You know some awesome people. At least I think so though I will admit I am completely biased :-).

      I’m sorry to hear that your appliance troubles kept you from joining us. You could either keep them for Chase the Chill Lynn, MA’s next event or drop them by Circle of Stitches in Salem, MA for their event in front of the Lifebridge Shelter on Jan 7, 2017.

      I look forward to meeting you.


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